I have led and contributed to a wide variety of consultancy projects for government departments and commercial clients over the past 15 years. These have ranged from short expert interviews for reports and policy documents to major multistage empirical research projects looking at customer attitudes and engagement. The types of project I tend to get involved with are around understanding customer behaviour and improving the customer experience.

  • Twenty years’ experience of behavioural economic research
  • Design, implmentation and analysis of a wide variety of empirical research projects
  • Quick turnaround of research projects using online participant panels
  • Excellent writing skills for commercial or non-technical audiences

As an individual consultant I can be quick, agile and have low overheads, which can work well for smaller projects and exploratory work. I offer the following:

  • Expert interviews to provide quotable insights for reports or policy documents
  • Consultancy on design and approach for behavioural projects
  • Bespoke summaries of academic research and context as background for in-house research projects
  • Small-scale research projects to provide preliminary insights and proof of concept for pitches and ITTs

I can also lead larger research projects, under the auspices of behavioural fusion who have the resources for more efficient larger-scale work.

For projects with obvious social benefits run by non-commercial organsiations I’m happy to contribute informally free of charge where time allows.


Quoted in Wired magazine on cognitive ageing: Will we be able to play the computer games of our youth when as we get older, or will our slower response times, increased switch costs and other age-related declines in performance put them beyond us? Draws on a couple of research projects I’ve undertaking looking at age effects in cognitive abilities
Contributed to an Ipsos MORI report for Ofgem looking at the factors affecting customers’ propensity to engage with, or even look at, communications from energy suppliers. Draws on my commercial consultancy to improve customer engagement with written communications.
Quoted in the LIBF trade journal on the behavioural science of financial advice, and some of the psychological challenges for providing roboadvice. Based on an academic research project on the cognitive psychology of financial e-advice.
Co-wrote a piece for the Chartered Insurance Institute’s in-house magazine on behavioural science and consumer insurance purchasing decisions, based on general research on decision making involving risk.
Contributed to a report for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants on cognitive biases in financial auditing.