You’ve reached the website of Stian Reimers; I’m a professor of behavioural science based at City, University of London researching, teaching and training on human judgement and decision making. This is my personal website which includes my broader interests; my academic page is on the City website. You can download my academic CV here.

I do various things that you may be interested in. I’m a researcher investigating decision making and high-level cognition, particularly financial decisions, and with an interest in how we make decisions involving time. I’m a consultant and speaker, with fifteen years’ experience in running behavioural science consultancy projects large and small as well as writing reports, hosting training sessions, giving masterclasses and presenting keynote speeches. I am a passionate educator, teaching students at all levels about decision making and behavioural economics. I work with media, as contributor, scientific advisor and specialist researcher. And I do other things, both arty and nerdy. If you’re interested in any of this, please get in touch.