Nerdy Stuff

I like technology, programming, using devices for things that they're not intended to be used for, and generally messing around fairly ineptly with kit or code. When time allows, I will add to this page summaries of various projects which may or may not be of interest to the similarly inclined. In the meantime, get in touch if you are interested. They will include:

1. Using the Wii balance board for collecting whole-body position data in, for example, embodiment experiments, or tasks measuring movement (using WiiFlash and AS3)

2. A newly-written gamified text-message quiz system for use in lectures, where attendees send their answers to weekly quizzes with a text message, and immediately see their scores on a leaderboard, along with any trophies they have earned (php and MySQL). Update: This has actually been professionally developed into a mobile web app called Quodl, which has been shortlisted for the Guardian University Awards 2017.

3. A marvellous, mechanical, monte carlo mortality simulator and life-expectancy calculator

4. Research that doesn't make it to publication on display and input measurement latencies for various devices like smartphones and tablets - useful when running response time experiments

5. The solar powered setup I have in my hytte (you might call it a shed or summerhouse, but I have Norwegian heritage, so it's legit) giving me both 240v and 12v power, making it almost somewhere I can work